The watch although I do not know, but the sun was shining pleasantly and small birds were singing in the trees parks.
‘Right, make a note that the planet is called Darkheart; if we learn differently when we arrive, so be it.’ If nothing else, it was a lot quicker to say than ‘unnamed planet that might or might not be there’.

'And I'm the Doctor'
'Doctor who?'
'Oh, didn't you mean Doctor whom? I do hate to be contrary, but...'

The landing party was due to leave soon, and it was up to the tireless Epilira to make sure that they were properly aware of the need for discretion. After all, these humans were an uncomfortably barbaric species, and it just wouldn’t do to upset them.
Peace by mutual understanding was the order of the day, or would be if Epilira could ever fathom out what it was that drove humanoids to indulge in lifestyles that were clearly dangerous. Why, just the other day, Epilira had seen several crewmen indulging in a poker game. Had they no idea of the stress they were subjecting themselves to, let alone the ill effects of the mutual hostility that was generated by such an activity?
It was like watching those Earth animals – what were they called? Lemmings. Some of them even indulged in space travel for some sort of perverse pleasure, even when the travel wasn’t absolutely essential. Epilira couldn’t understand that for a moment.

‘But, Doctor, you really should wear something more suitable.’
‘Oh but I am. Suitable for me, that is. Clothes don’t make the man, now do they?’

'Viscount, the only civilians aboard my ship are Commissioner Epilira, my protocol officer, and Koschei and Ailla, the diplomatic attaches.’
Jamie saw the Doctor pale slightly, and wondered what had upset him.

‘Keep the ship on full-alert status while we’re here, but quietly.’ ‘A quiet alert?’ For a being with no eyebrows, he did a remarkable impression of raising one.
‘I don’t know – just keep everyone on their toes.'

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